Monday, October 19, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I find it hard to follow any menu I make because life happens. Last week, for example, my bike kept getting a flat tire and instead of going to the store by bike I decided to go home and fix it, so we ate what I could find from the cupboard. And then one day my son went to eat at his grandparent's. By posting about last week's menu I can also add pictures!

M: oatmeal porridge
T: Cereal
W: 4 grain porridge
T: Raisin and brown sugar oatmeal porridge
F: muesli
S: whipped chocolate semolina porridge

S: Eggless "Buttermilk" Pancakes (I didn't bother to use any egg replacer because there were both baking soda and powder in the recipe) and homemade strawberry jam from the freezer

M: boxed macaroni
T: leftover chili
W: peanut butter and banana sandwiches
T: grilled cheese sandwiches
F: ate out
S: tomato tuna sauce and broken spaghetti
One can of tuna in tomato sauce, few cubes of frozen spinach, frozen peas, milk, oregano, curry and chili powder. Heat until spinach has defrosted and everything has heated through.

Take spaghetti and break into small pieces. Cook as package directs.


S: cheese sandwiches with homemade flat bread

M: homemade chili

T: Thanksgiving meal: homemade Tofu turkey stuffed with stuffing, homemade "cranberry" sauce (really made with red whortleberries), ovenbaked sweet potato cubes (just a bit of butter on top), twice baked potato casserole, mushy peas

W: leftovers from Thanksgiving meal
T: whole wheat fusilli and tomato sauce
F: how can I not remember?
S: my son made homemade pizza (we're looking for new dough recipes if you have any)
S: my son went to his grandparent's, so I just snacked

Evening Snacks:
M: date squares

T: carrot "pumpkin" pie with vanilla ice cream (I seldom see pumpkins sold here, so I make the pie from carrots)

W: last of date squares
T: "pumpkin" pie
F: apples
S: "pumpkin" pie
S: "pumpkin" pie and vanilla ice cream

See more menus for this week at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

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