Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Sister's Sock Project Bag, Part 2

I decided not to line the bag so it wouldn't take up as much room. My machine doesn't sew very well and I'd rather just get things sewn before the machine decides it has had enough of my wanting to use it. Very many years ago I took a sewing class and we were given a piece of cardboard with a smaller piece glued on top. It is for sewing when you are coming to bumps in your sewing. Put it under the foot so it raises the presser foot and there isn't such a big jump over the bump.

15. fold over edge of handles to the back of the material and iron them ✔
16. fold over again to enclose the raw edge and iron ✔
17. sew in from the edge so that the folded edge on the wrong side is sewn also and then iron ✔

18. place wrong sides together and match lines on sides ✔
19. to make a French seam, sew side seems from top to bottom so that the top edges are even ✔

20. pin and sew bottom edge ✔
21. turn inside out and iron seams flat ✔
22. pin sides so that pins are on top of the side to be sewn, trying to match lines and sew from top to bottom with a bigger seam allowance in order to catch the raw edges inside ✔

23. turn right side out and iron ✔
24. take picture when the sun is shining! ✔

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog :-)
    Way too much food on yours for me I am on diet LOL
    I have always wanted to be able to make pancakes like the Americans though. I will have to calorie count before trying any new recipies.