Friday, September 24, 2010

Slow Work

I don't know any bloggers. Well I did know one, but she doesn't blog anymore. So I've never asked anyone how they check on the blogs that they read. I've been using Bloglines but it is shutting down next month. I had to find a new place to put all of the blogs I want to keep up on. At the moment I'm using Google Reader because I haven't looked into any others yet. It's possible to move them all at once but with over 330 blogs on Bloglines (and over 9000 unread posts) I want to go through them all. I think it would be better to only move the ones that I'm sure that include my interests at the moment. OK, and a lot of other ones too!

I had been thinking of going through them for awhile (after I noticed that there were over 9000 unread posts) and now I have to do it. It was interesting to find that some of the blogs no longer existed even though I could read the posts that Bloglines hadn't marked as read. Some had changed their site address and I didn't know. I still have 88 blogs to look through. I was hoping to cut the total down to 100 blogs but I've already moved 140!

When my son visited last time I was able to make GrannyG's Caramel Slice with the condensed milk that GrannyG sent me. It was a real treat. I still have another tin, so I have to decide whether or not to make these again or try something different.

I haven't been making many of Carla's test recipes lately. During the summer it was too hot and now, living on my own, I'm too lazy. I did make her Savory Sunflower Brittle recently because it sounded so unusual and I plan to make it again soon.

I've done a bit of sewing. Some people on Ravelry have asked for project bags though they probably would want something more modern. I had this piece of material that I was pretty sure I'd never use. It wasn't a big piece and the squares were too large for any quilting I might want to do. I've sent three off and still should get the last one sent.

Friday, September 3, 2010

First Attempt

Can you guess what I'm going to make?

Does this help?

No? Well what about this?

I made sponge toffee for the first time! I used a Hokey Pokey recipe because I forgot what we called it when I was growing up (sponge toffee). I'm going to try others because I think that there was too much baking soda (it tastes so salty) as most of the recipes I looked at after making this have about 1 tbsp of baking soda per cup or more of sugar and I only used 1/4 cup of sugar. She said not to stir it but all of the other recipes I've seen, say to stir. I didn't have any golden syrup so I used a mixture of dark syrup and honey. Why did I use honey! I even hate the smell of it! Oh well, I might eat it anyway.