Sunday, August 29, 2010


I was lucky enough to win GrannyG's competition! Some podcasts ago GrannyG was talking about the Caramel Slice she was making. It included condensed milk which I haven't seen here. I asked her if she thought that I could substitute cream for it. I haven't gotten around to trying but now I don't have to. Not only did she send goodies from the media kit that she had received, my first hand-dyed yarn that she had dyed herself but she surprised me by sending two tins of condensed milk! Now I can try the slices with the correct ingredients. Yum. It was such a nice thing to do.

I finished my son's hat in time before he moved. It was the first time I had knit a top-down hat and I found the increases fiddly. I much prefer to decrease! I wanted to do a top-down hat so I could get the length right without having to do the crown over and over every time I'd have to undo it to fix the length. If I need to do more hats like this, I think I'll do them top-down as it is easier to get the length right the first time.

I needed a new bind-off too. So after trying a few, I decided on Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, though mine wasn't as stretchy as in the picture. I kept checking back at the pictures after every stitch until I realized that if I put the yarn where it should be for the stitch (in back for knit, in front for purl) and then just put the yarn over the needle from there and then back under the needle to where it should be, I could do it on my own.