Friday, April 29, 2011

Flowered Drawstring Project Bag

I was Raked some material on Ravelry because I wanted to make myself a few project bags. This is the first one. The material is quite sturdy and it is for me, so I didn't bother to line it.

The selvedges were quite wide so I used them for the drawstring channel because they would match the cream colour from the material.

I sewed the top edge from the wrong side and then folded under the other raw edge and topstitched it. Error Error. Fortunately I took a break at this point and when I came back I realized that I couldn't sew the channels to the edge because they would then be closed off once I did the side seams.

So I took them both off and redid them further from the edge, zigzaging and folding the ends under.

I wanted French seams so I sewed the side seams with wrong sides together.

Then I turned the bag wrong side out and sewed the side seams again.

I wanted a bit of a flat bottom so I marked and sewed a triangle at the corners. Once that was done I folded down the top edge twice and sewed around it. All that was left to do was pull the cord through the channel.

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