Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Can't Blame My Machine For Everything This Time

We bought my son a white shirt from the charity store. It's a size small and a bit tight around the bottom and it gaped open. I told him that I could add a buttonhole and after figuring out where the best place would be, I got the machine ready. It's been a while since I made a buttonhole so I got out my instruction book, put the buttonhole foot on and started sewing. But all it did was go back and forth so I was making a lump of thread! It turned out that the instructions were for 2 different models and I had looked at the wrong one and had the dial set at the wrong letter.

Ripped that bit and tried again. Had another mess. Realized that it was stitch width and not length that was suppose to be at number 4. Rip. But I dropped the seam ripper and reaching down to pick it up from the sofa, I stabbed myself with it. Blood! Couldn't continue on a white shirt with my finger bleeding, so I had to wait for that to stop.

Sewed the first long side and then a short side and when I started on the second long side the zigzag wasn't close together like it was on the first side. I didn't know what to do, so I turned the material around and sewed it backwards with the first setting. I got it done finally and the button sewn on.

Next I'll tackle the sleeves. He wants them short.


  1. I sometimes use a piece of stablelizer when I sew buttonholes. If I don't have that, I use a little piece of paper on the back. I find that helps to control the stitches.
    All I can say, my dear friend, is that you got it finished, and very well, I might add.
    Thank you for sharing. I'am from U.S.A.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. I forgot to tell you that your food looks simply delicious. I think your blog is great, my dear friend. thank you for sharing.
    Happy Quilting!