Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Sister's Sock Project Bag, Part 1

I wanted to make myself a knitting project bag (or two) so I went to our local thrift store to look what material they had. I saw this pink material and thought of my sister D. She is the sewer in the family and I thought that I could surprise her with a bag too. So I bought all 5 pieces. They were all the same shape but I was sure that they would be big enough to make the size bags I wanted.

I like to make a list of the steps, often I write it down but sometimes I just keep it in my head. So here's the list for my sister's bag.

1. choose material ✔
2. wash material and iron it ✔
3. find 2 pieces that have matching lines on the sides ✔
4. cut material into rectangles ✔
5. measure the piece and cut out the same size from a piece of newspaper (37 X 41.5 cm) ✔
6. fold newspaper lengthwise ✔
7. decide how wide I want the handle to be, add seam allowance and mark it on the top of the newspaper (15 cm) ✔
8. decide how deep the bag part should be, including seam allowances and mark it on the side of the newspaper (27 cm) ✔
9. draw a curved line from edge of handle to side mark and redraw it if it isn't a shape I like ✔
10. cut along line, open out newspaper and then pin it to the two pieces of material ✔
11. cut along edges of handle and unpin it ✔
12. google flat felled seam ✔
13. pin top of handles together, right sides facing out like most sites said to do (next time put wrong sides together because I didn't really like the way it looked) ✔
14. sew flat felled seam and iron it ✔

I'll finish the bag next time!

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