Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday's Menu Planning

M: Oatmeal porridge
T: Cereal
W: 4 grain porridge
T: Raisin and brown sugar oatmeal porridge
F: Whipped porridge
S: Toast and something
S: Eggless pancakes and maple syrup


Weekdays: Aiming to have leftovers from the night before
M: Vegan Johnny Marzetti (pictured)
S: grilled cheese with red pepper
S: leftover chili

M: Bourbon Tofu, carrot
T: Frozen Fish Bake, Rosemary Baked Potato and Carrot Slices, Green beans
W: son's away, so freezer leftovers
T: if son is still away then freezer leftovers again
F: Frozen tuna and oven potatoes
S: Chili
S: haven't a clue

Evening snacks:

M: Rich, Fudgy Vegan Brownies (pictured), cantaloupe
T: Rice cakes with cheese spread, kiwi
W: Mandarin
T: Apple and Red Lingonberry Whipped Porridge
F: Bread and cheese, banana
S: undecided
S: undecided

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  1. How did you like the Johnny Marzetti? Yours looks prettier than mine!