Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crackers and Cheese

I've been wanting to try this Cashew Chive Cheese Spread for a while now. I thought that since I had made the crackers for Carla's at The Year of the Vegan cookbook testing, it would be a good time to make the cheese too. The crackers turned out well and I don't think that they needed the agave that they called for that I left out because I didn't have any. Oh course I don't know what they would taste like with it though! I don't use chives so I tried dill. I don't mind putting dill where ever I can. I need to use a thicker yoghurt if I make the cheese again. It was more of a dip. Might try it without the nutritional yeast too as my son doesn't really like it. Tasted good on the crackers which was most important.

ETA: The cheese firmed up in the fridge but it was still quite soft.


  1. I wanted to say a big thank you for popping by my blog and commenting.

    Gill in Canada

  2. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. My daughter is 21 and a safe driver but when it snows, as Moms we worry. So from one mom to another....we will always be a mom first. Sounds like the son doing a good deed, is a good kid.